2016 East Bay Mainland Camp Letters are Here!

2016 East Bay Mainland Camp Letters are Here!

It’s year three of my field season for the PhD and I’m completely excited. I have confidence in myself more so than previous years; I’m very familiar with the camp, camp prep in Iqaluit, what we need to get done and what the season looks like. It’s going to be a great summer.

Each year the hilariously fun “The Great Unwashed” has written letters for me to open during the field season. They are a wonderful comfort and always good for a laugh. Opening snail mail when you are away from home is the ultimate metaphorical warm blanket making you feel closer to home and your loved ones. Each year The Great Unwashed has not only written me letters but also written letters to each of my crew members:


The glory of snail mail: arctic connections

We usually open our personal letters around the half-way point of the season (the hump). Others have savoured their mail and opened it on a day where things were just a little tougher than a regular day (your waders leaked, you tripped and fell in ice cold water or were just feeling a little down). The second letter addressed to each person is opened by someone else, at which time they proceed to ask you a set of questions written especially for you.

Quarky and fun this usually sparks discussion round the dinner table after our meal as we sit and talk about our day; enjoying the solitude of our living conditions, cut off from civilization and enjoying the 6 hour long sunset right outside our cabin window.

So our letters are packed and the countdown is on for the field season. Get packin’ crew and I’m looking forward to our evening post-dinner, Arctic sunset chats.