Camaraderie, leaving home and enjoying life's adventures

Camaraderie, leaving home and enjoying life’s adventures

The countdown is on. I have 10 days before I leave home for 2 months, spending time travelling by commercial flights, bush planes, helicopters; seeing polar bears, rare and exciting birds, well, the works. And truly it’s a magical time of year for me. BUT. And there always is a bit of a “but”; being in cool and exotic places, means you are not at home, you are away from family, the familiar, and the comforts that all those things contain.

When I’m away and don’t have convenient means to call my family and let them know how I’m doing, we always say that “no news is good news”. The absence of my contact means that things are likely not just fine I might even be having so much fun that any lingering homesickness, has been suppressed by wonderful daily happenings.

This is one of my favourite pictures from last summer. Victoria is a veteran crew member of mine; this summer will be her third summer working with me and I couldn’t be happier having her come back. She is getting a picture of her holding a male Black-bellied Plover, a bird that is difficult for us to catch. But you can see the rest of us, working together as a team, taking notes, dealing with gear etc. So for every picture of one of us, there is a whole network of people working together.