Young Northern Scientists Network

“ is now taking on additional young northern scientists providing a free venue to build their own CV and present their research. I’m building this collaborative network to bring young scientists working in the north together to build a strong connection across northern research disciplines. I believe this way we have the best chance in making positive change in such a dynamic environment. This webpage has had up to 36,000 views per month across 84 countries. With commercial sponsorship with KEEN Canada and Vortex Canada, this webpage is an effective means of communicating my scientific interests and those of other young northern scientists more broadly.  I am focused on communicating to the general public in an engaging and informative platform.”-Lisa Kennedy (owner and operator of

Research Scientists working Northofthegrid

Northofthegrid welcomes Dr. Heather Mariash

Frankie Jean-Gagnon – Site Under Construction

Dr. Kyle Elliot – Site Under Construction

Emily Williams – Site Under Construction

Gillian Holmes – Site Under Construction


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